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What is Lucid Dreaming

Written by Kerry Dulin

What is Lucid DreamingLucid Dreaming, the art of creating your own personal reality

Lucid dreaming is the ability to recognize that you are dreaming while still within the dream and then using this awareness to control the direction and content of the dream. It is a strange world in which all that you imagine and desire becomes “real”. In a very personal sense, you become the conscious architect of your own personal reality.

People who experience lucid dreams often report that they have the ability to fly, visit other worlds, have uninhibited sexual encounters and more. In fact, what you are capable of experiencing while lucid dreaming is limited only by your imagination.

So how does a person develop the ability to become aware while dreaming and can anyone learn to do it? The simple answer is Yes,, you can learn to be a lucid dreamer and the fact that you are here is your first step toward making this experience real for you.

Before I go any further I would like to share a bit of my own background with you. My name is Kerry Dulin and I have been a lucid dreamer for more years than I can recall. In my early youth I had experienced a few flying dreams and can only say that I became addicted to the experience. Because the experience  was so exhilarating I naturally wanted to do it again and  again. This began my regular nightly resolution to have yet another flying dream. Patience and persistence are not without reward and before long not only was I having regular flying dreams,,, but I also became aware that I was dreaming while still within the dream. This single event literally opened an entirely new world to my. My sincere hope is that you find the same thing to be true for yourself also.

Why should you want to have lucid dreams?

This is something that you have to answer for yourself but lets throw out a few possibilities. Some people are subject to unpleasant and reoccurring dreams. We have all had the unfortunate experience  of the proverbial nightmare or night terror as they are sometimes called. These startling dreams can jolt a person back to waking consciousness in a near panic state. Now imagine becoming conscious in the same dream and completely changing the direction in which the dream is headed. You can quickly turn the tables on whatever it was that was about to harm you or you could simply change the environment all together. You would now be in complete control and no longer a victim.

Another goal of lucid dreaming may be spiritual exploration. Many people use lucid dreams as a means to initiate an out of the body experience or astral project as is it is commonly called. Lucid dreaming and astral projection do have many similar elements but speaking from experience I will simply say that there are a few profound differences. You may ask for the company of spirit guides while lucid dreaming or you may even find that you yourself are a guide to others. Be open to the endless possibilities while in the dream state. You will find the world to be a much larger place than it appears at the physical level.

Experience Your FantasyExperience your fantasy. Many of us live morally inhibited lives denying our natural instincts and desires. The result is unspoken frustration, stress and unfulfillment. Lucid dreaming gives one the opportunity to shed those inhibitions to explore deep levels of sensuality which may never be expressed while in the waking state. While I do not believe that sensual gratification should be the main objective of the lucid experience I will admit that the occasional excursion is satisfying indeed.

Resolve inner conflicts. The lucid experience can become your personal theater in which you play out various scenarios and consider possible outcomes. It can be your own personal stage where you play what ever role you chose to play. Many people find lucid dreaming to be healing in that it returns a sense of power and control over ones life.

It is likely that you have your own reasons for wanting to experience a lucid dream and the goal of this site is to help you achieve it. So let’s get started.

How to prepare yourself to become a Lucid Dreamer

The fact that you are aware of the capacity to lucid dream and have a strong desire to do so is a very powerful first step. In fact, many people find that this is all that is required to become conscious while dreaming. For others however this is simply not enough. Fortunately there are several small things which when done regularly will greatly increase your chances of becoming lucid while dreaming.

From here, I strongly suggest that you move on to Lucid Dreaming Techniques

Thanks for reading and may your dreams take you to worlds you never imagined, Kerry Dulin

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